Takin it to the Streets- Favorite Local Bands

For the last ten years I have been on the streets of Las Vegas working behind the scenes of our local music biz. Chances are, if you have gotten a flyer for a concert, it has come from me or someone on my team. While we are out and about, we get to hear about a lot of cool stuff. This month I asked you about your favorite local bands. With all the break ups and make ups over the last year I thought it would be interesting to see how this panned out. You guys really like the Pervs! Good….they have worked hard and they deserve it! Here is what you had to say…

Jesse Valles
CCSN Henderson / Stardust Hotel

1. Whittier great music its new and are the next big thing
2. Betrayed by a kiss- screaming guitars
3.Misericordium-good lvhc heavy amazing
4.Lynch thy Beauty- nice guys
5.Of Faith and Fire- Bringing the old school back

Sam W
Las Vegas Academy
1. I the Plague
2. GDB
3. Misericordiam
4. The Day After
5. All Systems A GoGo

El Franko
Balcony Lights

1. Black Camaro - If daniel Johnston, They mighty be giants, the Beatles, Eels, and a bunch of drugs were held in a prison cell for 29 days you would be left with Black Camaro.
2. Sea and Land - An awsome instramentational, avant and mesmerizing trip for fans of Mogwai, Isis, Tortoise and other such artsy fartys acts.
3. Clydesdale - Oh patsy Cline would swoon for this!
4. Beacon - If you like good screamo, akin to ex-ignota, Circle takes the square, Books Lie and the Daughters, you will want to cuddle all night with these boys. If you like uger pop screamo like Thursday or The Used then you will love these guys and begin to wonder to yourself why you ever listened to the bad stuff.
5. Jacob Smigel - Lo-fi, No-fi...Hi five! This young gent is awsome. Plays songs about animals, vacationas and dead things. What more could you want?

Rebecca Harvey
1. M.O.S.- Campfire Music
2. Poly Hylo
3. Tha LIST Movement
4. Image 1 Wone-Campfire
5. Isaac Sawyer

Mariann Seymour
The Luv-Taps

1. The Dirty Babies--most catchy songs around, you can always count on them to move your hips.
2. The Holy Smokes--great songs, always tight and they even have a fucking harmonica in some songs.
3. The Pervz--always fun to watch...matching suits AND sneakers
4. Jupiter Shifter--Kei's guitar playing can't be beat and you can make up your own lyrics if hes singing in japanese.
5. The Luv-taps --well of course--"the purveyors of sin city sex rock"

David Rosen
UNLV/Wax Trax Records & Sony Music

1. The Pervz - perfect rock & roll music. With the right producer to capture their live energy, they could put out a huge album.
2. GDB - the most talented band in Las Vegas. And I hate ska!
3. Desert Mobb - a rap group I produce. They are easily the best rap group I've heard in a long time, which is why after 5 years of working with them and not getting to put an album yet, I'm still working with them...
4. A Beginner's Mind - these guys just keep getting better. Great songs, and great show.
5. The Polar Bear MC's aka The Killa Korpse Gangstaz (and Tha Roarin' Lionz) - why? Because we are the greatest group of all time! And becuase I have no shame :-)

1. RX Theory
2. Sarah Thiele
3. Ill Figures
4. Clockwise
5. Cell

I work at UNLV
I only have 2 bands local bands that I like. The first is Black Camaro --- when they're sober, they rock!
and next is Skorchamenza!!!!

Steven Tribett
Spring Valley High Scholl
1. Flyeing From Friday
2. Sitting Pretty
3. The Fith

William Lee
1. Ballerina Backwards
2. Of Faith and Fire
3. Weirding Way
4. Sea and Land
5. Flaspar

Chris L.
Government (CLV)
1) K.D.T. (Kid Deposit Triumpt)
2) RX Theory
3) Ill Figures
4) Take
5) The Day After

Steve Rieck
1. Time Spent Burning
2. Plumm
3. Divided they Fall
4. Isaac Watts
5. This Bitter End

Justin Wolf
Student - UNLV
1. Skorchamenza
2. Big Friendly Corporation
3. The Pervz
4. Absent Minded
5. Ataqi

1. Skorchamenza
2. Thee Swank Bastards
3. The Pervz
4. Clysdale
5. Luv Taps

I work at The Beach Nightclub
1. Conflict of Interest
2. Kid Deposit Triumph
4. Grade 8
5. Cynical View

Shoestring Street Team

1. Slam Dunk
2. Absent Minded
3. Chemical Ex
4. Infested
5. The Clydesdale
6. Misericordiam
(I know its 6 but yargh


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