Senses Fail
By: Lauren Napier

Senses Fail is a band with original lyrics that actually touch on societal and personal issues, not just broken hearts and bad days. The New Jersey rock band has made tremendous progress in the last few years. The songwriting of Buddy Nielsen is influneced by beat poets such as Bukowski and Ginsberg. They are a band to be admired for their poetic lyrics and unique music. Nielsen was willing to take time out from his schedule and take part in an interview with Smash Magazine.

Smash Magazine: What is the basis for the name of the band?

Senses Fail: It kinda comes from Buddhism, the idea that to reach nirvana, to reach enlightenment, you kind of have to get rid of material things and let your senses fail and let your wanting of material things to dissipate, to have no need for earthly things.

SM: Where do you get your inspiration?

SF: From a lot of different things, basically just writing about stuff that I go through and lessons I’ve had my relationships with other people. Basically that kind of things.

SM: Who/What are your major influences?

SF: Blake Schwarzenbach, he was in a band called Jawbreaker and is in a band called Jets to Brazil now. Saves the Day’s Chris Conley.

SM: What political issues most concern you?

SF: The war and Bush, George Bush being the president..pretty much just George Bush being the President and what could and will come of that over the next four years.

SM: What is your favorite song of yours and why?

SF: “Let it Enfold You” because I really did a good job of writing that. I like the way the song is very dramatic and it flows real well. It’s kind of a longer song. It’s got that middle part, kind of a sing-along thing. I like the way that I wrote it and got my point across of what I had wanted to say. That’s pretty much what the whole album is about, so I kind of relate to that song and like that song the most.

SM: What occupies your time besides music?

SF: Not too much. My girlfriend and my dog. Pretty much nothing, just hang out, nothing too crazy.

SM: What books have you read that have changed your perspective/outlook on society?
SF: Ummm..there’s lots of them. I mean recently I was reading this book called Monster in the Cave by David Mellinger about anxiety. It’s kind of changed my perspective because I have anxiety. Just stuff like that, I mean not really self-help, but things that deal with problems like that. So that definitely changed my perspective on anxiety. That’s the most recent thing I’ve read.

SM: What is you biggest regret?

SF: Biggest regret....hmmm..I don’t know..(pauses). I’d have to say, is probably not being able to be home and be with my girlfriend.

SM: How is it to be signed to vagrant records?

SF:’s great! It’s amazing, I’m really very very happy that we found a place that we love and that they do a great job of supporting us. And that we love all the people there and it’s great to actually feel safe and secure.

SM: If there was anyone you could collaborate with who would it be and why?

SF: I would like to collaborate with Nick, the singer of North Star. Because I think he has a great voice and I love his lyrics.

SM: What is in your CD player right now?

SF: A band called Stars. Set Yourself on Fire is the name of the album.

SM: What kind of music would you label your band as?

SF: Rock ‘N’ Roll, of course!

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