Black Market Saints

By: Lauren Napier

They make music – raw adrenaline-powered rock. And whether you like it or not - they could care less. The lyrics are unique with that rock ‘n’ roll edge that only the Black Market Saints can deliver. Their rough cut demos serve as a window into what the music represents and how it can only progress. The band is determined to prove their worth and distinctive sound within the California scene.

Who/what are your major influences?

Skye: Wow…That’s a broad spectrum of things. I grew up listening to punk rock – old stuff like the clash…Lou Reed to the Beatles…I listen to way too much Queens of the Stone Age right now.

Why the split with Bullets and Octane?

I got fired…I think I wrote too many songs.

What has being in Bullets and Octane contributed your music career?

A lot of practice. Two and half years of putting a lot of effort into writing. It made me more obsessed about music than I was before. That’s pretty cool I guess.

How did the band form – apart from you and Jack?

It’s just that. Pretty much just me and Jack. We came up with the name about two years ago for if we ever did anything else – just thinking of names. I always wanted to be in a band called something-something Saints and Jack always wanted to be in a band called Black Market-something – so there’s the name.

What do you enjoy most about being a part of a band?

Just the creativity really. Creating music is one of the most amazing experiences

have ever had in my life. Being able to change somebody’s moment with a song -even if it’s just a moment.

How do you prepare for a show?

Um…a small bottle of Jack Daniels and a couple of cold beers and I should be good to go.

What was the inspiration behind Cancer California – is there a story behind it?

Yeah…people come from California from the Midwest – confused and alone. You can just fill in the blanks from there.

How has the level of commitment of being in a band affected your life and your relationships?

It’s made my relationships pretty much hard to deal with. Girlfriends don’t like it.

Most people think girls like dating a guy in a band and I’m sure they do – but the reality is quite different. It’s difficult.

What has music meant to you?

It’s all I do… so everything. It’s meant everything.

How do you feel about the California music scene?

Eh…it’s pretty boring really. I mean there’s not a lot of cool stuff going on here..we get a lot of bands going through here. But especially in Orange County – it’s really dead. There’s only so much of the same music you can listen to before you want to pull your hair out and shoot yourself. But I see good things happening there are a lot of good rock n roll bands coming out.

Is it hard to be noticed in such a large scene?

No – since all the bands are the same it’s more respectable if you’re noticed. Because you’re being noticed for your own sound.

Are there other things that you do besides music?

I was a psych major…at Chapman. Only school I applied to – I read about their Psych program and thought that it looked good. I was on scholarship.

Any books that you have read that have changed your outlook on life?

Reading Kerouac at an early age changed my outlook. It made the world a bit more adventurous for me.

What are your favorite albums of all time?

London Calling

Abby Road

Lamf by Johnny Thunders

There are so many – I could list more but I would get headache. I guess I could look at my iPod.

Is there a specific musician that has influenced your own music?

There’s two…I only have two musical idols.

And it’s Johnny Cash and Joe Strummer. They were famous for being themselves…I thought that was really cool..any kind of fame or success that you achieve is based upon something - what you are famous for. The reality of what you are doing is important.

When can a full album be expected for Black Market Saints?

I was hoping for a record for late release in spring, but I don’t think that’s feasible There are other things that we have to take care of and wrap up – other issues in our lives. But at least in 2006.

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