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  Issue 26 - Miscellaneous - Takin It To The Streets

Compiled by Kayla Summers and Diamond Rozek

Where do or did you shop for you music in Vegas and why?

Zia Records, Because they support local music and bands and they have a great selection.
- Gabe Goldfeld, Law Firm

Best Buy, You can buy more than CDs there; Kill like seven birds with one stone.
- Cody Cook, WarWick Basses

Tower Records, It’s not open anymore but it was big and had a big selection.
- Tony Brodsmuck, CSN

FYE, it’s like in all the malls and it also carries movies and stuff.
- Carla Hanson, Deja Vu

Record City, It's small and has been there for a long time, such a cozy place.
- Jason Hall, Mandalay Bay

Record Exchange, They are no longer open but it was the first used record store in Vegas, then Odyssey copied us, Yeah it was my store.
- Wayne Coyner, Concert go-er

Sight n Sound, They have a great selection of hip-hop and rap
- De'von Johnson, Luxor

Sam Goody, Located in the mall I go to so it's convenient.
- Laura Davis, Galleria Mall

Hot Topic, because it’s where I shop and buy my clothes, It has my kind of music.
- Amanda Jones, Clark High School

Cash for Chaos, They have a lot of records and I can find a lot of Punk music that is hard to find.
- Josh Conner, Buffalo Exchange

Workmen’s, they have a great selection of mix tapes and a live DJ every weekend.
- Mark Wu, Metro Park

Internet, Everything's on the Internet and I don't need to leave my house.
- Sarah Paterdo, Web site designer

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