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  Issue 26 - Miscellaneous - In Their Own Words

South for the Summer…In Their Own Words

When we were asked to play at a college house party we had no Idea it was going to be like that.  We arrived to the house and were at first confused and wondered if we were at the right place.  We double checked and made a couple phone calls and sure enough it was the right place.  The house was a bright blue 60’s style house with strange decorations all around the outside.  It felt as if we had fallen into a time machine and got shot back to the past.  The front door was open as we let ourselves in with our equipment, and the first individual we had bumped into was the party host ‘Favy Favela’  who resembled every 70’s game show host ever, mustache and all.  He guided to where we were to set up our stuff and play.  We continued setting up our equipment as more and more strange individuals walked into the house.  For example ; a 6 ft. (7 ft. with heels on) drag queen named ‘Sissy Hamstack’,  a baby  blue booty shorts, Hawaiian shirt wearing DJ by the name of ‘DJ Huevos Fritos’.  The characters just keep filling the room as we come to an end of setting up our equipment, which is the worst part of any bands show… when they have to set up their own equipment.  We step out to the backyard for a few minutes for our prep talk and chill time before the actual party where there was a heart shaped pool carrying a baby alligator… a baby alligator?  That wasn’t all there was.  One of the guests also brought his very own spider monkey which he let roam free around the backyard as he organized the bar area.   With that said we stepped back into the house after being beckoned to start the show and like magic, there was over 500 people in this small room of this old 60’s style house.   The party had begun.  People were everywhere.  It was hard to move, or even breathe! We made our way to our equipment where we received a very loud applause due to 1000 hands clapping in a very small family room.  We introduced ourselves and began playing our first song.  The house felt as if it were going to fall down around us.  People were jumping and screaming and dancing etc.  We continued to play drenched in sweat of ourselves and others due to the lack of air conditioning.  I had a quick second to glance up and check out the guests of this party and noticed something strange.  I couldn’t recall if the RSVP said “clothes are optional” or not.  People were wearing the strangest things, if anything at all.  The party was getting more and more populated and we were running out of room to rock!  In the middle of one of our songs I noticed a guitar had dropped out,  I looked to see what the deal was and he was gone… I heard the guitar start up again so I followed the cord with my eyes and it led to the top of the crowd.  They had picked him up and start surfing him down the hallways and amazingly enough the front yard.   He made it back with our skipping a beat, but he had lost his shoe and his pants.  But the show must go on right?  We continued our play list and the room continued to fill up.  We were slowly being shoved up against a wall.  I looked at our drummer ‘Silly’s face and he was looking at the wall.  I turned my head and glanced at the wall myself and saw that it was cracking right down the middle.  I shrugged and he shrugged and we kept rocking.  Eventually the wall came crashing down and the outside was now entwined with the inside.  The party’s host seemed to not care as they ushered the party to scatter out now that there was more room to play.  The guests did not seem to be getting fatigued whatsoever and they kept requesting more music.  We continued our songs and eventually did some covers.  The party was suddenly shushed with the loud clap of thunder rolling in the sky.  It began to poor all over the place.  Things were getting wet, drinks were everywhere, clothes were off, dizziness started kicking in.  We were requested one final cover from the crowd because of the scenario.  One cover we never dreamed of playing or even knew how to play.  Rihanna – Umbrella.  Our lead guitarist heard the song once or twice and began the opening chords.  We all looked at each other and quickly studied the fingers and the notes and began playing.  It could not have gone any better if we had planned it.  We finally ended with our newest of songs which is available on myspace at (shameless plug).   The party came to an end and we began packing our equipment back into the truck.  That was one of our craziest adventures yet.  The night of the Lustre Flux party.  One we will always remember!

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