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  Issue 26 - CD Reviews

Dead Confederate – S/T EP
This is actually really cool.  The story goes that the guy who “found” Nirvana has been poking around for sometime and found his next big thing.  It has a vintage sound to it but shares the apathy and hopelessness of so much of the early grunge that it could just as easily be compared to the darkest, gloomiest Nirvana as it could in a completely separate light that is an evil, disparaging version of a more modern act like Snow Patrol. -Homie

Endeverafter – Kiss or Kill
What year is it?  When did all the retro start showing up in my mailbox?  David Lee Roth just brought all the hot chicks to your party…and now he’s keeping them to himself.  You don’t really know them, you don’t know why they’re popular, but there they are.  A mix of glam and classic rock wrapped up inside of a pretty package shows a talented bunch of musicians but severe doubts on whether or not this band is for real.  Tell you what, pick it up and you decide. -Homie

Anthems – Demo
Vegas has a new hardcore band.  I know, I know, big woop.  But Anthems is different.  Rekindling a flame that hasn’t been seen on even subterranean levels in years, Anthems carries a youth crew oriented sound into the current day hardcore landscape.  No makeup or brash fashion statements, just angst filled barking that will push new troops into the movement without question. -Homie

Band of Horses – Cease to Begin
You’re stoked on this band, you just don’t know it yet.  The song, “Is There A Ghost” sounds like an easy listening version of a Police song…I just cant put my finger on it.  Mellow but driving, Band of Horses has found a balance that is both artist respected and easily accessible to their rapidly growing audience.  Perhaps a bit monotone overall but this record lulls you into a peaceful sense of serenity. -Homie

NOFX – They’ve Actually Gotten Worse Live
I really just wish this band’s audience was half as smart as Fat Mike…instead we settle for smart-assed.  Well, the live record comes off tight, recording quality is solid, and the half-truths that NOFX have preached since the late 80’s are spewed into the crowd three chords at a time.  Its par for the course, I think I’m just getting old and giving up.  Come to think of it, Mike would probably second that. –Homie

Radiohead – In Rainbows
So it was all one big publicity stunt.  Management decided that since albums leak all the time anyway, why not leak it yourself with a model that gets endless amounts of free press?  Genius.  Trent Reznor’s bummed that he’s out 5k for a lost cause but Radiohead has capitalized and sealed their deal for standard methods of distribution and promotion for In Rainbows.  The record is part Radiohead, part Eraser as it jumps from tempo to tempo taking the listener on a magical ride…unicorn not included. -Homie

Coheed and Cambria – No World For Tomorrow
Claudio’s been tinkering and after a near breakup of the band, Coheed has found a small stint in rehab and lineup change putting them back on their feet, refreshed and ready to take on the world.  Only Coheed fans will notice the changes in Claudio’s voice on the latest record that includes radio single “The Running Free.”  While I’m at it, it’s worth a mention that the single has similarly chanted “Whoa oh oh’s” fans became familiar with on “The Suffering.”  Look for CoCa on tour with Linkin Park at the beginning of the year. -Homie

Three – The End is Begun
Holy Dreamtheater Batman!  They’ve boiled it down a little bit this time around making TEB flow a bit more than their last record.  This one is worth a revisit.  Previous reviews of Three compared them to a metal version of Primus that probably was going to be a bit too experimental for most.  TEB is fairly easy to follow and actually makes for a solid listen. -Homie

Sons of Jupiter – Sentia
Former PM5K-er and modern day Blue Man Jordan Cohen puts love into a project that ventures out into the depths yet carries a familiar tune.  It’s easy to see where he once influenced the sound of PM5K but this record walks a fine line between artistry and lunacy.  Interludes and more experiment with sound while the simple base of songs comes across solid once you get to them.  This is a listen for an older audience too as much of the rock/metal tone is synonymous with your mid/late 90’s explosion of nu-metal.  Thumbs up! -Homie

Otep – The Ascension
Look, the music is solid and the girl does have some pipes.  The Nirvana cover (second time in these reviews they’ve been brought up…weird) is cheeky and I suppose clever.  But lets get real for a second…what’s with the changing hats every single song?  I know this is supposed to be a cd review but this needs to be addressed.  In the meantime, this is another Otep record.  If you liked em then, you’ll like em now.  If you passed before, you’ll continue to do so. -Homie

The Gay Blades – Ghosts
New York Indie Rockers The Gay Blades initially made a splash with their video for “Oh Shot” filmed with an entire party of costumed mascots.  Overall the record has a dirty yet poppy feel good vibe that will shake asses at party’s both human and giant headed animal.  The sound is part Jimmy Eat World, part Hot Hot Heat while still maintaining a gritty, raw, independent sound all the bands own. -Homie

Enter Shikari – Take to the Skies
Disco Emo Metal has arrived.  It’s kind of one of those things you wish you could unlisten to yet it’s a catchy, guilty pleasure in the same breath.  Singing, guttural screaming, metal guitars, triplets, and out of nowhere…a synthesizer that makes it almost as much Daft Punk as it is early Funeral For a Friend.  It’s got pieces you’ll dig and pieces that your girl wont mind…allowing you to listen longer…for better or worse.  It’s different but this one is hands down for the younger crowd. -Homie

Demon Hunter – Storm the Gates of Hell
“Hell hath no fury at all.”  Damn straight…this record is so heavy that I cant tell whether they love Jesus or just hate the devil.  One thing’s for sure, they’re pissed in all the right places.  Sharp hooks, brilliantly layered melodies and an aggression not met by most of their Christian counterparts, make Demon Hunter’s latest outing an intense listen from start to finish. –Homie

The Loved Ones- Build And Burn
This is fantastic. If you're any fan of Hot Water Music, early Green Day, or The Lawrence Arms, this is a must have. It's raw and organic; it sounds like four dudes set up their gear in a room and pushed record. This is a no-bullshit, energetic rock and roll record that I couldn't listen to just once. "Louisiana", in all of its simplicity, might be one of the greatest songs I've ever heard. This is a great record from an incredible band, so mark your calendars; Build And Burn hits stores on February 5th. -Travis

Wu-Tang Clan- 8 Diagrams
Yes! The fifth album from Wu-Tang is nothing short of amazing. From the production to the rhymes, 8 Diagrams is undeniable proof that Wu-Tang is one of the most innovative and creative acts in the industry. Forget the ringtone-rap that's weighing down the airwaves, this is real shit that is going to completely change the face of underground hip-hop forever. The music is still pretty hardcore and gritty, but the Clan introduces some sweet new elements that take it to a whole new level. 8 Diagrams is in stores now, so go get it. -Travis

Foxboro Hot Tubs- Stop Drop And Roll!
Another Green Day side project?! If you thought The Network was weird, you're in luck. Obviously, Billie Joe is singing and playing guitar in this band, but it is unknown if his two bandmates are participating in this totally awesome nod to 60's rock and roll. This sounds like a cross between The Kinks and a more dirty, more dance-y version of The Strokes. The entire EP was available as a free download at, but it has since disappeared. You can listen to three of the six tracks at -Travis

Thrice- The Alchemy Index Volume 1: Fire And Water
Holy crap. Just when you thought that the Orange County four-piece had gone off the deep end with a four part musical ode to the elements, the first two installments get released and it's surprisingly good.  The Fire disc is heavy and loud, but slower than you would expect, and with a lot more melody. The Water disc was a little weird at first, but once you get into it, you start appreciating the musicianship and Dustin Kensrue's knack for atmospheric vocals. Plus, they pull it all off live (bonus!). The Alchemy Index Volume 1 is in stores now. -Travis

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